Covid 19 – Praying With Insight, A Video Post

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Covid 19 – it is raising many questions. Questions aren’t wrong, but some are better than others. And this is true across most facets of life, work, and ministry. In fact, I’ve addressed it previously with the same illustration in the video!

Covid 19 – Praying In The Pandemic

Complex questions don’t usually have one-line answers. That thought was going through my mind even as i was recording the following video. So I’m going to add some written thoughts to those in the video.

Here are some simple truths we should always remember:

  • God judges sin – that is what a holy, righteous God must do
  • Jehovah is at work in the world – the Biblical record is proof of that
  • God can and does work in many circumstances to accomplish His purposes
  • God can, and has, caused catastrophes as divine judgment on sin – see item 1
  • Our Father can, and does, work for the good of His children in all circumstances
  • God has used famine, drought, war and persecution to call His people to repentance
  • Our King of Kings and Lord of Lords has obligated Himself to work through our prayers

It’s important to add these thoughts. When the video was finished, I just felt like it could be been better.

Now, on to the business of asking better questions so we can have better responses – to Covid 19 or any other difficult set of circumstances. And after you watch the video, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. It will help. Thanks!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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