Connections: Truth & Living In Freedom

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Connections: Truth & Living In Freedom

Truth will set you free. That’s what Jesus said. And that is true on so many levels. Just a few verses after Jesus connected Truth and freedom He said something that tells us why we have trouble with Truth and the freedom it brings. You and I struggle daily against an enemy. And Jesus called that enemy the father of lies. We live between the freedom that Truth offers and the bondage of the lies that constantly come our way. This post shares one example. But the subject is so vast this may well turn into a series. Stay tuned!

Truth & Prayer

truthI grew up in the pastor’s house. And I remember a woman who was part of our church for a period of time. Her husband had abandoned her and their two small children. Her car was an essential part of her life since she was a single-parent provider for her family. The car needed repairs and repair costs presented a significant challenge. She shared that need with her pastor (my dad), and he asked her a fairly simple question:

Have you prayed about it?

She said she had not because that was too small a thing to bother God about. Where did she pick up that lie? What a burden to think we must face certain challenges without help from our Almighty, Heavenly Father!

Truth: God Is In The Details

The One who numbers the hairs on our heads is obviously into the details of life! There is nothing too small to escape His notice and care. And I was reminded of that in my Bible reading plan. Monday’s passage was from the book of Exodus.
truthIn Exodus 20 we see Moses receiving the 10 Commandments. And in Exodus 32 God sent Moses back down the mountain to deal with the golden calf. Between those two events is a long conversation about details. God told Moses how to build the Tabernacle and everything that was going to go into it. No detail was left out. I challenge you to read these chapters and notice the detail of God’s instructions. We don’t have much trouble knowing God cares about the big stuff. But like that woman from my youth, we sometimes fail to link Him with the details. And who is it that would have us think that way?

Truth: God Is Working For My Success

If I had been in Moses’ place my mind would have been racing from one detail to another and wondering how in the world I’d get it all done. God was meticulous in His instructions to Moses. But notice what else He did. God did not leave Moses to his own devices or abilities. Exodus 31 opens with God’s provision. And those two things go together. God commands/instructs and He provides.
God told Moses what needed to be done and then told Moses who had been given the abilities to get the job done. Jehovah Jireh provided wisdom and understanding to others so that His commands could be carried out. And that is how He works. He enables us to succeed in obedience. This truth is repeatedly shown in Scripture.
So here is the chain of events. God:

  • Called Moses and gave him instructions
  • Chose a helper for Moses
  • Provided the knowledge and skill for the one He designated to help Moses

If you see nothing else, see that God was working for Moses to succeed. And that sets up what you need to see for today!

Truth: God Doesn’t Change

truthDoes God still do things that way? I can tell you, He does. Truth is liberating. God hasn’t left you clueless about the details of His Kingdom. And He hasn’t left you clueless about your responsibilities as a child of the King. He has given you at least one spiritual gift. This is a tangible indicator of what you need to be doing to serve Him. It’s just like that conversation on Mt. Sinai. Not only does your Father gift you for His work, He has also given you more than one helper to join you in the task.
truthYou are a living stone among living stones. God has placed pastors in churches to equip the saints (YOU) for the work of the ministry. He has also put your brothers and sisters around you so you may enjoy, with them, joint-service for Him.
He is so good, and His goodness to us is beyond our ability to comprehend or imagine! Be encouraged, and seek Him in these details. And always take a moment to breathe a prayer for His help. He is ever ready and more than able! That’s the truth…

Soli Deo Gloria!


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