A Mission Moment

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What is a mission moment? Do we only experience a mission moment if we are a volunteer on a mission team? This featured image was a mission moment for me. But the reason is probably not what you think! And in light of launching this new website, I thought this was a good example of scenes and thoughts from the mission field.

Mission Moment: God At Work

God is at work all around us. All too often we fail to notice. So my mission moment is defined simply as seeing what God is doing. And one of those moments came my way today.
mission momentTo the left of the picture was a group of older boys playing basketball in front of the orphanage. There are several younger boys residing at the orphanage. They are too young to hang with the big guys. So they were playing their own games adjacent to the basketball court.

I walked through that scene on my way to teach the evening section of the Pastor Training School. And right there in front of me was my own mission moment. God was at work, as He always is, and He brought that to my attention.

Nathan and Caleb are two of this week’s mission volunteers. They were playing with Augusto, Hosli, and others. They are older than the guys they were playing with but still a little young to be in the middle of basketball with guys who have 3-5 years on them. And right there in front of me was one of the moments I love to see.

Mission Moment: Method Met Mission

God has a mission. It’s people. Our command is to make disciples of all nations. Disciples are people. But it’s funny that God’s mission is also His method. God uses people to draw and make disciples. I get to have that conversation several times a year. Why?

Many people lack a focused definition of Christian missions. They think the mission is:

  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Water purification
  • Evangelism strategies

Those things, and many others, are tools. Good tools are necessary and we should use them. Tools help us in God’s mission of drawing and making disciples. But we should never confuse the tools with the mission. And that was our devotional thought as we had breakfast today. My goal was to remind the team that people are God’s mission and we should engage with them wherever we find them.
mission momentIn my path was a group of boys. And all of them were being used by God. Nathan and Caleb had taken my instruction to heart (so had everyone else!). They were making themselves available to people. But ministry is two-way street. Those Dominican boys were also God’s method of expanding understanding and purpose in two young, American believers.

Did you see all that in a picture of boys with a ball? You probably didn’t. But observing my mission moment isn’t your biggest challenge. Will God be at work all around you tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that? Absolutely. Are you on mission each of those days? Certainly. You are His ambassadors to a world that needs to know Him. So ask Him to open your eyes to what He is doing right in front of you! It will amaze you and bless you.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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