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It has taken a while, but our EquipUs resource list is growing! And that’s good news for you and the pastors you sponsor. Why? Building blocks aren’t just for kids! The Apostle Paul reminded us we live from faith to faith (see Romans 1:17). Our latest step of faith is built on all our previous steps – i.e., building blocks. So what are those blocks of faith?

EquipUs Resources

Our mission is Equipping For Life. And where is life? Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (see John 14:6). So life is found in Him, the living Word of God. And here are the latest resources posted in the EquipUs store. If you haven’t looked in the store for  while, let me encourage you to take a look from time to time. Progress is being made getting these faith-building blocks available for you and others.

A Foundational Building Block

Sermon On The Mount PDF Book CoverThe Sermon On The Mount – This magnificent sermon is the opening ‘event’ in Jesus’ earthly ministry. The Sermon serves as the declaration of the Kingdom and it is given by the King Himself. It is essential for Kingdom Citizens to understand this sermon. It gives focus and order to all questions of Christian life and conduct. It’s foundational block for building faith.

The video version of this Equipping For Life resource is in production. I had intended to have the first module in the learning platform by now. But getting EquipUs off the ground has taken a huge block of time and energy. And there’s more to say about that!

Please note this resource is available in Spanish.

A Leadership Building Block

Kingdom Leadership Syllabus - EnglishKingdom Leadership – Believers are to be Salt and Light (refer to Sermon on the Mount!). In other words, we are to impact the world around us. Too often, we allow ourselves to be influenced by earthly thinking and values. And one of the most prominent examples of this mistake is in the area of leadership. Corporate leadership models, and those who promote them, have been brought ‘wholesale’ into the Church. The problem is, the King has a great deal to say about how to lead in His Kingdom (Yes, the same King who declared His Kingdom in the Sermon on the Mount!). For Kingdom leadership to be effective, it must follow the King’s model and instructions!

We have not yet had an opportunity to teach this course here at home. That means it is not in video production. But I’ll use this as an opportunity to ask you to join us in prayer for that opportunity. And as soon as we have an invitation to teach it, we will get video of the class sessions and make them available.

This resource is also available in Spanish.

Identity Block – Who Are We?

Building Blocks of FaithThe Essential Nature Of The Church is one of those life-changing studies. Jesus’  Church is His Body in today’s world. And unless we maintain a clear picture of our purpose we diminish our ability to be effective. Our purpose isn’t clear when we define ourselves in terms of tradition (Pharisees had that problem!), culture, denomination, and/or personal expectation. With that, I challenge you to define and describe the Church without referencing any of those things! That’s what I did to put the course together. But you will find it much easier to just get the syllabus! It’s in the store and the first module is posted at

Beginning Blocks – They Matter!

Genesis - Essential Nature Beginning

Course Cover Image

Genesis: Essential Nature Of The Beginning – I don’t believe it’s possible to overstate the importance of studying Genesis. It has been called the seedbed of Biblical doctrine. Nearly every doctrine of our faith has an ’embryonic’ introduction in Genesis. We see hints of the Trinity in Genesis 1:1. The first verse of Scripture says God created and the Spirit moved over the waters. And later we read, Let us make Man in our image. Us; Our? Yes! Those are building blocks of the doctrine of the Trinity.

And Genesis has another huge value for building faith. Scripture makes no attempt to ‘prove’ God exists. It opens with that assumption. Without faith we cannot please Him (Hebrews 11:6). So if there is a Creator (and there is), the underlying assumption must be that we have responsibilities before Him. And a major responsibility has to be our belief in the truthfulness of His Word. I could go on… But our Genesis course is being revised and will be in store soon.

Our Genesis course is available in Spanish. And when it is posted in the store, users will have the option to download it in English or Spanish.

EquipUs Building Block – Save the Date!

If you are in the Huntsville, AL area (Madison County, Morgan County, Limestone County, etc.) then your date to save is November 7. You’ll be seeing details very soon!

Others of you are in the Scottsboro, AL area (Jackson County, DeKalb County, Marshall County), and your date to save is November 12. These are dates for EquipUs Launch events. Please pray and please stay tuned!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

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