We are surrounded by unseen things. Accidents are often caused by…? Things we don’t see! Can anyone say, Titanic? What we can’t see can also be good. God’s unseen hand is constantly providing and protecting. And most often, we only give Him thanks for the things we see. But what other unseen things should we notice?

Unseen Kindness – Provided By Helping Hands

Iceberg - seen and unseen

Equipping For Life – seen and unseen

There are some unseen parts to Equipping For Life. The limelight is taken by the very visible work of our Helping Hands teams. And that’s good because they are awesome servants doing GREAT work. But Helping Hands make many other things possible and many of them are best done behind the scenes. So let me pull the curtain back just a bit and share just some of the things you are allowing us to do.

In January, we kicked off a new cycle of work in La Romana. We shared that in real time but what that work will become is yet to be revealed. The month of January also included:

  • Medical treatments for the wife of a Dominican pastor
  • Support for a Dominican pastor’s widow undergoing cancer treatments
  • Financial support for pastors in Belize
  • Laptops and phones for pastors who need them
  • Contributions for orphan support (Barahona, Dom. Rep.)
  • Coaching pastors here in the United States
  • Leadership development for future mission leaders
  • Sending funds for mission church construction

That list is like an iceberg. You see the visible part; what I can share with you. And like the iceberg, there is much more to each of those statements. But it’s best those things remain unseen.

Reasons To Share The Unseen

Subscribe hereThe most important reason to shed a little light on these things is to encourage YOU! So many of you pray for us and/or you provide financial support. Both of those things allow us to make a difference in many lives, even though our actions aren’t seen. And by disclosing just a little bit, you can pray with more insight and know you are a vital part of Equipping For Life.

Seeing how our prayers are answered strengthens our faith and expectations for the opportunities that lie ahead. And we are running the race to lay hold of those opportunities God has put before us. The events on our calendar are unrealized at the moment. We know they are coming, but they aren’t here yet. So we continue to pray. What does that include?

  • End of February – Samana, Dom. Rep.
  • Mid-March – Toledo District, Belize
  • April 22-29 – Barahona, Dom. Rep. – Volunteers can still be added!
  • May – Spring Mission @ HOME (First announcement, stay tuned!)
  • July – Cali, Colombia – Inaugural visit and site investigation for future teams
  • Return visits to all the above during second half of 2023

More Unseen Work

I’ll wrap this up with another unseen – but very necessary – segment of work. There are multiple reasons that my January blog posts/info were pretty sparse. Our website is undergoing a complete makeover. That’s vitally necessary and it has been tediously slow. Please pray for that work as we wrap it up.

floating icebergAs always, the work of assembling teams goes on constantly. When our opportunities increase as they have over the last year, building volunteer teams becomes more urgent. The new website is meant to help with that. However, prayers are still best!

Now, if we all pray and I promote then we will have one level of results. But, if we all pray and we ALL promote EquipUs opportunities then we will have a much higher level of results.

Iceberg Challenge

Let me encourage you – dare you! – to do something different the next time you go to your church service. As you see the people in your congregation, remember that EVERY ONE of them is like these pictures of icebergs. I don’t mean they are icy and cold. Each of them has seen and unseen joys, pains and challenges. Pray for them accordingly! You don’t have to see everything to pray for them. God sees it all and simply tells us to pray for one another (Ephesians 6:18 – Colossians 1:9).

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Soli Deo Gloria!