The Lord’s Prayer is actually found in John 17. It is what Jesus prayed at Gethsemane just before going to the cross. What we were given to pray in Matthew 6 is most properly called the Model Prayer. Jesus said, Pray in this manner… hence, the MODEL Prayer

The Lord's PrayerThere is no tellng how many creative people have dramatized the Model Prayer. Most of them probably exceeded my abilities (see video below). But it seemed fitting to wrap up a summer-long sermon series by turning the prayer into an audible conversation. Most of us forget that at least HALF of prayer is listening. And that’s probably why I got such a charge out of the graphic to the right!

Our friend Stan gracioiusly took the God role and my part was to give a voice to some of the common misconceptions about prayer in general, and this prayer in particular. And of course, that meant I am in the video alone. So there’s nothing to help poor acting skills!

Lord's Prayer sculptureThe series was challenging and encouraging all at the same time. We learned a great deal as we walked through these verses of Matthew 6. And if you’d rather HEAR this drama than watch it, just go HERE and you can listen to the version posted on The Journey podcast. The audio is improved in the podcast version thanks to my young friend, Dawson!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

The Lord’s Prayer – A Chat With God

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