San Pedro Columbia is where our EquipUs Helping Hands team went last week. Our prayers were answered and there is much to report. But as much fun as it is to give a great report, there is still much that needs our attention. The details are in the video below.

San Pedro Columbia, Belize

San Pedro worksite

On the first day

There were more pictures than we could put in the video. So a few more of them are included here.

And let me encourage you to pray about joining a Helping Hands volunteer team. Just use the comments section at the end of this post to request more information.

Also, some of the mission dates are not confirmed yet even though we know the general time we will be on site. All that information will be posted here on the website as it becomes available. So please check back often for the latest info.

Church work siteFinally, this is a challenging time to be fundraising. That is just part of the work of missions. We have seven church building projects that need our attention. The most urgent is in Batey 8, Dominican Republic. I would really like to be able to take them a significant portion of the funds needed when we go down in June. That will only happen if we are faithful to pray.

Our Father answered prayer in a mighty way concerning San Pedro Columbia. And He is just as capable of answering the needs for our friends in the Dominican Republic. And here’s the question: Will you pray faithfully for this need to be met? After we pray, we can do more than pray. And if you or your church would like to help financially, just CLICK HERE for the donate page.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Here’s the VIDEO!!! Enjoy the scenes from San Pedro.