Returning to see old friends always brings a sense of excitement. And remembering the challenges that have prevented us from working side by side just raises the anticipation. There’s another R word: relief! Our work, like that of so many others, has continued and adapted over these past several months. By God’s grace and your support, we have been able to continue. But I am relieved that the ‘work arounds’ seem to be at an end!

Returning To Samana

Returning to SamanaWe had an EquipUs team in Belize this past May – our first on site work since Covid. Then we had a group in Barahona in June. It was awesome to renew relationships and work in both places. And that included the awesome folks that comprised both of those teams!

That will also be true next week in our time with Pastor Jerlin and many other friends in Samana. I am already rejoicing at the opportunity to see everyone, teach those in our Pastor Training school, and share updates about all of that with you!

That excitement was tempered by the departure of a very special, young pastor. You can watch my tribute to him in THIS LINK.

Mission And Method

It can’t be said too often. God’s mission is people and HIs method in people. Our mission is never the task at hand. Tasks are our tools. And I have been reminded of that as we prepare to be in Samana. Messages from pastors have highlighted a few needs that need to be addressed, if possible. And doing that is gonig to be a little challenging. Let me tell you why…

It will be almost impossible to take things with us. Our team is just two pastors – me and my friend Dan. We will be able to teach, visit with many pastors, renew acquaintances, and celebrate the fact that God is enabling our work to continue. That’s all good.

Samana Mission teamBut it will be even better when our teams are larger – like the group from the church Dan serves Consider that your invitation to volunteer for our Belize mission in October or the Barahona mission in November. We need you. Please put a word in the Comments section at the end of this post or send an email about joining a Helping Hands team. We will make it happen!

Our ability to meet some of the requests is going to be limited to the dollars we can take with us. And since that information is coming so close to departure, that makes it all the more challenging. So, heres the ‘plan’ for Helping Hands as we are returning to Samana.

Helping Hands Returning

San Pedro Church SamanaThe online option is always available. There is a donate tab/link here on the website. But if you’d like to help and this is just way too quick, I understand. Go HERE for other options and then please send us an email letting us know what your plans are. And even if you can’t contribute at the moment, email us anyway and let us know you’ll be praying. That’s always the first order of business. Why? You can’t do more than pray until you pray!

Soli Deo Gloria!