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Kingdom Leadership Module 1

Kingdom Leadership Module 1

Kingdom Leadership Module 1 covers the following topics:

  • The Introduction – What is the priority focus of Kingdom Leadership? – Session 1
  • Becoming A Leader In The Kingdom – How is Kingdom Leadership determined? – Session 2
  • Leadership LessonsWhat lessons do we find in the lives of God’s leaders? – Session 3
  • Continuation of Leadership LessonsWhat can we learn from the leadership of Moses? – Session 4
  • Leadership PrinciplesWhat leadership insights do we find in the Old Testament? – Session 5

The broad topics introduced in these sessions are developed further in later sessions. And since disciples are learners and doers of the Word, and the Word is inexhaustible, then our learning never stops. Module 1 is a great place to begin learning what our Father has for us to know about leadership in His Kingdom.



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