Never quit - technical difficultiesNever quit! is a video post. However, there was a tech mishap or two. (I LOVE technology so much!!!). Between a real time error and then a software ‘disagreement’ in the rendering process, this video is coming to you about 24 hours later than intended. Did I mention how much I love technology?

Anyway, enough of that. This video is a Christmas gift to any and all. And since that is my intention, what was missed in real time on the original recording is below the video cover. Those verses just add to the reasons we should never quit.

May you and yours have a wondeful Christmas celebration and a joyous holiday season. And as you reflect on this most unusual year of 2020, and plan for the coming year, please remember to keep EquipUs in your prayers. As we’ve all learned, the cause and the work of the Gospel goes on no matter our circumstances. This year didn’t take our Father by surprise and He already knows what lies ahead.Never quit - cover picture

So, let’s pray together for an abundance of His great blessings as we serve Him. That is, after all, how He does things! He calls us, equips us, supplies us, and then blesses us for engaging in the work He allows to be part of. It really can’t get better than that this side of heaven! Merry Christmas, and…

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Never Quit video post…

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Matthew 10 - Never Quit vlog


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