In this together – we’ve seen that line quite a bit the past several weeks. But I have a different purpose in repeating it (I know you’re surprised!). Together is the essential nature of all ministry. Think about it. We labor as the body of Christ – not an isolated finger, toe, or ear (see I Corinthians 12:12-31). We are many members, with many divine gifts, functioning as one body. That said, EquipUs is working to put all the pieces together for our next pastor training sessions. That’s news because the effort will require some help and a great deal of prayer.

In This Together

Prayer is the direct connection to our next big push. The big picture is we will have a U.S.-based EquipUs team teaching the next course to our translators and key pastors on the ground in several places. That will be done via the Internet. Those people will then teach the classes in their respective areas with EquipUs faculty ‘attending’ (but not teaching) via Skype or Zoom. But those are just the ‘easy’ parts!truth helping hands

The challenges come in arranging stable venues. We are accustomed to having reliable power and internet signals. That is not the case in all places! So, suitable class locations may come with costs attached. Further, there is the matter of logistics. Getting pastors in a given are TO the class location(s) could be another cost item.

So why not just wait? People here are having their own issues with shutdowns. But many of us are still working, still traveling, and still eating. For those already living in poverty, not being able to move about means no work for anyone and that makes existing problems even worse.

And, it heightens the need for encouragement. Our work will greatly encourage many. It will also equip about 200 hundred student pastors/leaders who will use the knowledge gained to equip those in their care. There is a great multiplier effect in Kingdom ministry – and we must not grow weary in well doing!

In This Together – ConfirmedIn This Together

Monday, part of my holiday was a Zoom chat with many of our friends/ministry partners in the Dominican Republic. The items above were discussed. Questions were asked and the ideas were enthusiastically received. That’s an understatement, but it’s the best I can do.

The current plan is to have the next course taught across the Dominican Republic – in all our locations, simultaneously. And we need to remember a few things.

In This Together

Zoom screen

When we have teams on the ground – (still the best way to do ministry!) – we pay our translators, drivers, vehicle rentals, and much more. In their own way, those expenditures are a direct ministry. And some of these expenditures will be necessary even if we are not on-site with the pastor training sessions.

There are 3 things I am asking of Helping Hands – YES, that’s YOU!

  • 1st, pray with us as we continue to make plans
  • 2nd, DONATE HERE if you can. Using that link will allow you to receive a return gift from us – an expression of gratitude and an equipping tool (all in one!)
  • 3rd, share this need with others – in person, on social media, and with groups at church. You will probably see some or all of this info repeated in various posts, etc. Please make generous use of the SHARE and LIKE icons – they help. All are good activities for Helping Hands!

In This Together – Frequently

Prayer BelizeI asked our ministry subscribers if they had a frequent prayer? Think in terms of a recurring dream. Some of our prayers should be like that. And that’s the idea in What Is The Prayer God Wants To Answer. Please make your prayers frequent as we prepare for this next step in Equipping For Life. See the post through the link/pic – and please join us in that prayer.

Soli Deo Gloria!