How many firsts do you remember? Answers would range your from first pet (I remember that dog!), that first job, your first solo drive in the car to the first words or steps of your children. Our lists could be lengthy.

I interviewed Angela. And she will share her own list of firsts with you – all of them related to being an EquipUs mission volunteer. And speaking of that, the door is open for volunteers! Resuming on-site missions means we need Helping Hands to staff our volunteer teams. Construction projects for SEVEN churches is just part of the EquipUs ‘to do’ list.

Please make this a matter of prayer. And don’t be surprised if you are part of the answer to your own prayer. When Jesus told His disciples to Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers, the next thing He said was, Go! (See Matthew 9:39). So I say with great confidence it is possible for us to be the answer to the prayer we pray! Will you pray with us?

Angela And Firsts

And since Angela brought it up, here is the easy-to-use link for Amazon Smile! Just click the Amazon graphic! Amazon Smile

One more thing… If you know the NAME of the photobomber who appears in this video (and in most of the videos from San Pedro) – please type it in the comments section at the end of this post!