Essential Questions For Faith And Discipleship is underway in Samana! That’s the title of our current course and it’s now being taught in the Samana section of our Pastor Training School. That’s great news!  They had their first class this past Saturday. And I had a great time sitting in on the class via Zoom.

Samana – The Work Continues

This Equipping Together update reminds me of my oft-used mission maxim:

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not get bent out of shape.

Equipping 2020I learned that from a friend named Ruth. That was many years ago. But the truth of the phrase has served us well. I thought about it as I was sitting down at my desk Saturday morning to open the scheduled Zoom call. Why? Our original plan was to have all the classes simultaneously. Well, let’s be flexible! It worked better for our friends in Samana to start later than the Barahona group.

It is hard to convey all the emotion I experienced as we made our way through the morning. It was so good to see friends gathering to learn. But there was another level of joy in this. We have been Equipping Together for a while. Many of have spent time on the ground in Samana and other places. Many more have prayed for those times, supplied those mission teams, and contributed to mission and ministry needs. But all that is the means to an end. And I was seeing that ‘end’ on my computer screen as those who have been taught (equipped) were taking the teaching role.

And then there were some pretty good laughs as well!

Smiles In Samana

Pastor JerlinThere were plenty of smiling faces. But working through our time brought more smiles. Pastor Jerlin was the host for Saturday’s class session. He taught the first class. If you look at the picture of him teaching, you can see he had the syllabus cover image projected on the screen. Smiles!

But if you look at the second picture of Pastor Jerlin, you’ll notice Wanda is bent over the table beside Jerlin. What is she doing? She is positioning Jerlin’s phone so I can see the speaker. I took some screenshots so you can see it as I saw it. But that phone is how I ‘attended’ class. I smiled, but hadn’t laughed yet. That was coming!

Samana  class scene

PHONE is on the table – propped against the rail

Wanda taught the next section. No adjustments were necessary. She and Jerlin are close to the same height. But when our friend Raymundo got up, I laughed out loud!

I’ve had Raymundo’s picture on these pages before. If you saw him on the street you’d think you were looking at an active NFL star. He has to be the tallest Dominican I know. When he stood before the class, my view through that phone cut him off at his shoulders! I had to send to send a text and ask Jerlin to adjust the phone. This was my laughing moment.

Raymundo Zoom screen - Samana

Pastor Raymundo – and some guy in an EquipUs cap!

And in all of that, there was a deep undercurrent of gratitude. Undertaking this ministry – remember when my hat said ROW? – was a step of faith accompanied by questions, uncertainties, and anxieties. Faith often looks like that! But God is so faithful to guide our steps into what He knew would be our path. And He graciously brings others alongside to help get the work done. That describes so many great people. I hope you are one of them!

That Mission Maxim

We had one unexpected opportunity pop up last Friday. That was in Barahona. And another unexpected opportunity has surface in the past 24 hours. This one is in Samana, I’ll be sharing those in the next post. Remember, the flexible don’t get bent out of shape!

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Wanda Samana on Zoom screen