EquipUs Launch Celebration

EquipUs Launch

EquipUs Launch Celebration

Hello! First, thanks for looking at this Launch Celebration info! This page will change in a day or two and become a detailed event announcement. But for now it’s a letter allowing me to ask for your help with the Launch Celebration. The specifics are below. But a word is in order… I’ve been trying to have one-on-one conversations about this. But time is a factor so this ‘letter’ is going to a very short list of needed helpers.

Celebration Events

Our first Launch Celebration Event is November 7, at Central Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Huntsville. The church is near downtown on Randolph Street. This is a catered dinner event. We have two purposes for the evening. First, to raise awareness concerning the formation of EquipUs as a new missions ministry organization. Second, people will have the opportunity to engage with us through prayer, financial support, and sharing the ministry of EquipUs with others.

The second Launch Celebration Event will be just like the first, but hosted by Trinity Baptist Church in Scottsboro on Tuesday, November 12 (confirmation of this date should come no later than Monday, 9/30/19). The church is on Hwy. 72.

What Is Needed?

I’m asking for help strategically. Here’s what that means. Each venue will seat 100-120 people. We work through churches and many have engaged to support our work and send mission volunteers to meet many needs. That being true, I’d much rather see a launch event audience that represents 10-13 churches as I would the same number but only representing 2-3 churches. I know and appreciate your involvement and support over the years. And you attend a church I’d very much like to have represented at the Launch Celebration near you..

For easy math, let’s assume each audience will be 100. Tables seat 10 people. We need someone to be responsible for filling each table. Not ALL the tables – that’s too big a job for any one person – including me! So I’m asking for your help with a much smaller job! Just invite enough friends, church members,family members or interested persons to fill one table. That’s pretty easy. And if 10 people will help in that way at the event near them, then the rooms will be full and we will have two great launch events. Total helpers needed: 20 (10 for each event).

What’s Next?

Our final catering quotes should be in hand Tuesday, October 1. That will allow us to set a ticket price for the Launch Event. With a confirmation of the date in Scottsboro, a firm ticket price, and published event times you will have everything necessary to share the news and invite friends.

Another BIG item is this Launch Announcement page. It will be updated (your ‘letter’ removed) and will include a link for ticket purchases through the website. Of course, some will prefer to write a check and I’ll ask you to allow them to give it to you if that’s how they prefer to handle it. When or if taking a check is necessary, they should be made out to EquipUs, then forwarded to EquipUs, PO 803, Scottsboro, AL, 35768.

LAST THING!!! If we can count on your to help, just reply to the email containing the link to this page. That’s it. If you have questions, I’d LOVE to chat with you. If you can’t help by filling a table, then please consider this your personal ADVANCE invitation to the Launch Celebration near you!!! I will do my best to visit with everyone who attends. If you’ll help us out I’ll be sharing with you beforehand. But if you can’t I’ll look forward to chatting with you at the dinner!

Remember, just reply! 

Blessings to you and yours!


256-244-5453 for questions or just to catch up! AND…. if you are not “up to speed” on all that is behind the Transition from Mission: Hope to EquipUs I have put some convenient links below that will help you catch up

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