Equipping is a Biblical imperative. And it isn’t just for pastors and those involved in missions. Equipping fellow believers – wherever they are – is demonstrating obedience to another Biblical command: …make disciples of all nations… (see Matthew 28:19-20). Disciples are those people who love God and love others (1st & 2nd Commandments). And since we are not born with a predisposition to love God or others, we must be equipped. And we are on the verge of another big effort to train (equip!) pastors to make disciples. Equipping For Life

Equipping There – July 2020

This event was announced in THIS POST. We are a bit behind in sending reminders. But this won’t be the last one! As always, prayer is the number one need. We will have multiple Zoom calls this week in final preparation for classes that begin next week.

As noted earlier, there are expenses associated with this course offering. We really need some help with the added expenses, but please know we will go ahead with the classes. That’s a step of faith for us, but God is the One Who supplies and I am confident He will prompt the necessary donations. HERE is a link for that.

So you know, the class sessions will be one afternoon each week for the month of July – in FOUR locations. Our EquipUs faculty will be ‘attending’ class electronically but not taking the primary teaching role. And that is what equipping looks like – no matter where it’s done. Building effective leaders (pastors) is teaching, training, and then giving opportunity for them to lead. If you follow this ministry closely, you know that has already been happening. We are just expanding that aspect of this ministry for this course.Equipping

Questions For Faith And Discipleship

The course cover has taken shape. And it’s easy to imagine this syllabus being passed out just like the one in the cover image for this post. I always enjoy seeing the syllabus passed out as we begin a new course. It’s a great picture of one disciple helping another. And that is what we are doing when we pray and when we give.

Equipping Here – At Home

Now, you should also know that July is set aside on my calendar to build disciples here at home. Now, I do that regularly as a pastor. And I let that cat out of the bag in THIS POST. But I didn’t give you a big detail. My intent to use however much of the month of July is required to communicate our great need for prayer.

The need for prayer is rooted in our culture. There have been some things that I’ve had a burden to communicate. Believers are called to be salt and light. And every believer has to meet that call in his own culture. Yes, we are Kingdom citizens. But while we are on this earth, most of our readers are U.S. citizens. But no matter one’s nationality, we must be salt and light where God has placed us. And that call transcends culture, political views, and all lesser loyalties we may have.

Prepare The Way


Essential Nature Of The Church @ E-quip.Us

Here’s a thought that will prepare you. And, YES, you’ll see it again. Do you like what’s happening in your culture? Is the culture becoming more or less Godly? I definitely know the answer to the second question. The real question is this: Has the salt and light been effective?

Now you know it’s coming. So please pray for me as I do my best to equip you. There are ‘dangers’ in the effort. It’s very difficult to assess one’s culture without being seen (or accused) as overtly political. I’ll make the necessary observations, but my goal won’t be simple, political commentary. I wouldn’t waste this space, or the resources that make this ministry possible, for that purpose. But I will do my best to be iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17) so that the Church does its job as salt and light. And if you need another Biblical metaphor, I won’t back up from being the watchman on the wall:

  • Ezekiel 3:17-19
  • Ezekiel 33:6
  • Isaiah 62:6

That is the responsibility of all believers and I will make no apology for calling you to it.Equipping For Life

Soli Deo Gloria!