Equipping Together for July 2020 has begun! Many helping hands are making this possible. And as you can tell from the cover photo, there are many who wish to express their gratitude. I am just one. And I am also glad to have the task of reporting our progress with our readers and supporters so you can see the reach of our prayers, support, and joint labors!

Equipping Together

Pastor Wilkyns – Batey 6

Equipping Together – Monday

We had class today in two locations. Next week, we will add a third: Samana. But today, classes convened in Tamayo and Batey Six. There are group size limitations in place for the Dominican Republic. And you will be able to see quite a few face masks in the pictures. Please pray for these folks as they, too, deal with virus concerns.

Equipping For Life

Johnny – Tamayo (screen capture from Zoom call)

The plan was to have a video (Zoom) connection in each location. That is also the plan for next week. But there was no internet signal in Batey 6. We did have a connection in Tamayo. So I ‘attended’ that class and fielded some questions. But I will be adding a written answer to be shared with the entire group.

Technology can be good and at the same time frustrating. The only thing between the front door of the church in Tamayo and the street is a narrow sidewalk. I am very accustomed to the noise. But we all know our phones seem to pick up background noise better than they pick up our voices! So just for clarity, I’ll be writing some follow-up material!

Equipping Together – Favorite Picture

Equipping Together

My ‘portal’ for attending class

Johnny spent a little time making sure the Zoom call would connect. Then, as I was looking at the class through the video connection, I asked Johnny to take a picture of what they had set up for me to ‘attend’ the class. We had discussed using a laptop connected to a TV or possibly using an iPad. Either of those options would have had a large enough screen for class members to see me – or other EquipUs faculty. But the picture I got just made my day. Why? Well, Equipping For Life is all about the Word. And where did they put me? Right in the middle of the Bible behind the pulpit! I love it!!!

See The Classes

Our pictures from today are in the album below. I am going to ask for TWO things as you see what took place today. First, just enjoy the pictures of our friends, There are people we know and we continue to celebrate what God is allowing us to do – together.

Equipping For Life

Prayer begins class

Second, please pray for those who are standing in to teach. These men are good friends, who are dedicated and faithful. And because you have joined hands with us to build a ministry around 2 Timothy 2:2, these men are equipped to do what they are doing. Thank the Lord for them and pray for them as these classes continue over the next month.

And one more word. I have already shared the financial side of this effort in previous posts (click the LINKS for that info). We are grateful and glad for those who have chosen to donate to this equipping effort. But we are far from raising the funds needed. Please help if you can. And remember, everyone can pray!

Equipping Together updates will be posted as appropriate. Stay tuned!

Soli Deo Gloria!