Equipping For Life – that’s the EquipUs tagline, but it’s so much more! I frequently field questions about how can a mission organization function. And the answer always includes: It’s how GOD has decreed His work will get done. And that will continue to be true in this first-ever event coming up in July!

Equipping For Life

Joining hands and hearts with other believers wasn’t my idea. There TWO great ways to know that. First, Scripture gives us that example many times. Second, it is an amazingly effective tool to bless and equip the Body of Christ on many levels. Any idea I might have had would not have worked nearly as well! Just think about it. We exercise our gifts, do what our Father has called us to do, and we are blessed beyond measure as we minister to others. But it’s even better. We have a Father Who rewards our obedience after He has blessed us in the doing of His will. Awesome! And that brings me to next month…

Here is a snippet from the gift receipt letter that donors will receive in June:

We are engaging the pastors all across the Dom. Republic during the month of July. Arrangements have been made with our ministry partners for venues, teachers, and electronic connection. Starting June 22, we will be arranging Zoom calls between EquipUs faculty that usually works on site and the pastors who will be standing in for us during July. Our goal is to take these pastors through the syllabus and prepare them for teaching/facilitating the course.

I will also be making arrangements for several of our U.S. faculty folks to be ‘present’ in the classes (via video of course). That will give us the opportunity to connect, to greet, and to answer the ‘hard’ questions if they arise. Everyone who has taught knows those questions come up! 😊

Equipping AdditionPrayer - EquipUs Logo

After that letter was written, we began to explore doing the same thing (at the same time) in Belize. it looks like that can happen, but please make this a matter of prayer. Now, just put your thinking cap on and go with me for a bit.

Many of you support this ministry. We have been investing in the lives of faithful servants (II Timothy 2:2) for quite some time. This is a new step, but what I think will be a productive one. The course material is Essential Questions Of Faith. The pastors will learn a few things and confirm other things. But it’s another effort to ‘equip forward’ in their ministries. What is that?

Christians are people with questions. And answering those questions is part of Equipping For Life. So, if we put some of those questions – with sound answers – into a good resource for pastors then our collective ministry will reach forward into the future.

Ways To Help

Helping Hands always find a way. But specific requests are helpful. Over the next few days several promo pieces will go out in email and/or social media. There are costs associated with this first-ever venture (see the letter snippet above) and we will be using several tools to allow many people to help just a little. When you see those posts, please share them. You can also promote this ministry opportunity in your own church congregation. And once again, prayer is always needed and always in order.

Being a ‘spammer’ is something we try hard to avoid. But sometimes keeping people informed and engaged takes more than one note. So please be aware you may get more frequent updates than normal. Equipping For Life

That’s it for now. Thanks!

Soli Deo Gloria!