Dirt, Dollars And Delight…how can these three things teach us something? And what do they have to do with a backyard, or this ministry for that matter? The answers may surprise you. But answers will become clear in just under 5 minutes! Enjoy the video that is linked below and/or the edited transcript!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Dirt, Dollars And Delight – Edited Transcript

Let’s talk about dirt, dollars and delight. We really can learn valuable lessons from things in the backyard. And these three things are more connected than you might think!

Pressing On

Helping Hands

It’s springtime. And if you’re a gardener, or married to one like I am, then you know all this playing in the dirt isn’t cheap קרא. But it brings great delight to those who do it. In our backyard, I get to buy the mulch, lift heavy bags and pots and build raised beds. Beyond that, I get much more interested when it’s time to pick the fruits and vegetables. They are fresh, home-grown and taste so good. But before those delightful flavors can be enjoyed, there is a great deal of work that gets done. Some of it with tools like these. You probably spent time using a file or hoe. They are found around most backyards.

I saw this file a few days ago and it made me think about the value of proper tools, and I don’t mean these particular tools. But now that we have a context, my file and this little hoe will be great examples for a larger point.

Dirt, Dollars And Delight – Questions

Could you weed the garden with a file? You could, but it would take a lot more time and energy than using the hoe, which was designed to get the weeds out. The hoe is the right tool but it is much more efficient if it’s sharp. That’s why we have a file. Working together, these two tools make the job go quicker than using either tool by itself.

These simple, backyard tools remind us of important Scriptural principles. First, Psalm 27:17 tells us we sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron. How does that happen? With the Word of God. It is sharp and powerful, able to divide between soul and spirit. It sharpens every believer for the tasks God has put before us. Things like being a Godly mate, or parent, or employer, or employee. But let’s get more specific.

Kingdom ministry is not something we do alone. We do it in concert with the Spirit and fellow believers. This applies to the pastors in the EquipUs Pastor Training School. In their communities, they are the hoe. You and I are the file. But if you back that up one level, EquipUs is the tool helping to cultivate multiple ministries. And in that case, YOU are the file – through prayer, Helping Hands volunteer teams, financial support, and so much more.

Another church has been added to our build-or-expand list. That brings the current total to 7. The primary tool for that – the hoe – is grant applications and a GoFundMe campaign. So that tool gets sharpened with prayer and the share button. Crowdfunding can be a great thing if the information is shared. There’s a shareable link in the description of this video.

Most Important “Dirt”

Let’s wrap this up with another application. Why are there weeds in the garden in the first place? Weeds and thorns weren’t part of Creation. They came as part of the curse of sin on a fallen world. Where do weeds and thorns grow? In the soil. And if you look in Mark chapter 4 you’ll see Jesus’ Parable of the Sower. It’s really a parable about the soils which are the hearts of men.

The Seed, God’s Word, fell on all the soils – the dirt. But it was only in fertile, believing hearts that it took root and grew to a harvest. And it took something more precious than dollars to make that happen. It took the priceless blood of Christ, shed in an agonizing crucifixion, to atone for my sins and yours. Being forgiven is just the beginning of delights we cannot know or describe this side of eternity. But until then…

Sharpen those around you. God has called and gifted every believer for service. That means your pastor, your spouse, your children, your parents, and your friends hold the place of the hoe in your life. You are the file.

Sharpen them with prayer. Work to enable them to do their best for the Master. They are to be doing the same for you. And just try to imagine the delight of hearing, Well done, good and faithful servant.

See what you can learn in the backyard!

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