The Original Mission Story

Christmas is the original mission story. Jesus came babe and crosswith a mission: to give ‘life, and that more abundantly,’ and to ‘seek and to save’ those who are lost. It was divine because He was sent from God (and yes, He is God). It was cross-cultural because the Holy came to the sinful. Jesus crossed economic boundaries as the Creator and Owner of everything to visit poor, destitute sinners like you and me.

Within hours of His resurrection Jesus said, As the Father sent Me, so send I you (John 20). These 9 words are expanded in the three other Gospels and Acts as each writer records Jesus’ commissioning of His disciples. He said, Go and make disciples (Matthew 28). It’s been said often, and bears repeating: It’s a command not a suggestion. Jesus’ command (commission) was likely spoken to several hundred people in addition to the eleven remaining disciples. That’s important because it is not something anyone can do alone.



Are You Send?

How shall they hearPaul had this in mind when he asked his famous series of questions. Step by step the questions point to our responsibilities. In the next verse, the series concludes with this question, And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? Do you see it? God commands us to Go, and we are all to be about the business of equipping, sending, and going. In each case, we are being obedient to the Lord’s command.




Will You Pray?


Over the last two and half years we’ve seen How beautifulmany prayers answered. God has done amazing things. Our Pastors’ School is now active in three locations. Evangelism effectiveness among the churches led by our student pastors increased significantly and remains above average. Their work proves we are entrusting the Gospel to faithful men who will entrust it to others (2 Timothy 2).

We have 9 sessions of the EquipUs Pastor Training School in 5 locations set for 2023. To meet those opportunities we need to plan, now. Planning can’t be done without provision. Provision comes from ministry supporters like you.

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