Be The Miracle: A How-To

A miracle isn’t limited to a page in the Bible! Miracles occur every day. How can you be the miracle someone needs? It’s simpler than you might think!

Be The Miracle: Recent Examples

Let me recount two miracles from this past Saturday. Our mission team was returning to the United States. The first obstacle turned out to be passport related. One of our mission volunteers was held in customs and it appeared she would not be allowed to board the flight home. Text messages alerted our team members. We began to pray. And that situation was resolved after some time had passed. God is good!
miracleLater that same day our team had been allowed only 70 minutes between landing and our connecting flight. Between those two things is something called: Customs! I never attempt a tight connection if I have a group to get through Customs. We had not been given a choice by the airline. What was the answer? We engaged people through social media and asked them to pray.
I make many flights each year and I know what clearing Customs looks like and feels like. I was stunned when last week’s team reached the Customs area. Do you remember the miracle of God parting the Red Sea? That was the thought I had as I saw how empty the Customs area was. I have never seen it like that. Our group made it through in record time. It was as if God just moved everything aside and cleared a path for us. And you may be asking what those things have to do with being a miracle…

Be The Miracle: Your Part

Those events are real and recent. But they illustrate our part of being the miracle someone needs. We must pray. Our prayer should be for:

  • God to be glorified
  • Divine power/intervention
  • Knowing my part in the prayer’s answer

Those three things are illustrated for us in Luke 10. Jesus told His disciples to pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into His field. But in the next verse Jesus said, Go! Jesus’ own example tells us it is possible for us to be the answer to the prayers we pray.
We need a miracle. We could use two! And I am going to ask you to pray about them…

Be The Miracle: Working Together


The real truth? It’s always HIS power but God does choose to use us!

We have another mission team headed out in 13 days! That team lacks two volunteers. And that is due to unavoidable circumstances that came to light as I was leaving the U.S. with the previous team. So part of our prayer for another miracle is two mission volunteers. But notice, I said part
The second issue is resources. Many people make mission work possible. We don’t do this alone. Our team needs help to fund:

  • Work on the orphanage structure
  • Sanitary living conditions for people in poverty
  • Equipping pastors and churches for effective ministry

Do those sound like miracles? I’d say the fact that orphanage exists is a miracle. Many of you helped make that happen. We have additional work to do. And I am certain most of the boys in the orphanage see a miracle every time mission volunteers arrive.
Our work among the very poor is a valid demonstration of God’s love. It allows us to declare the Word. And that example of demonstration & declaration is one we keep in view with the pastors we teach. They are doing phenomenal work in their own communities. And that is due to prayer. Many of you have been the answer to prayer. We are in need of another modern-day miracle.

Be The Miracle: How-To

I am going to ask you to do TWO things. First, please pray about these needs. They are urgent. Second, please SHARE these needs. You can do that by:

  • Sharing this information in person
  • Post this need in social media
  • Making a phone call
  • Sending an email

miraclePraying may bring you some further insight and/or instructions. If you are prompted to volunteer, please get in touch with me: keith@missionhope.org  There are two options if the Father leads you to help meet the financial needs of the mission, You can DONATE online. Just put my name in the comment/memo box at the bottom of the donation form where it says, OPTIONAL. If you prefer checks, send to:
Keith Burnett Ministries, P.O. 803, Scottsboro, AL – 35768

Soli Deo Gloria! 

P.S. – A very helpful resource on prayer is a classic devotional book The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. The link here will send you to Amazon. It is a great resource that I highly recommend.
P.S.S. – I hope you not disappointed in my use of Bruce Almighty images. The Be The Miracle quote came from that movie. It is one I enjoy laughing through. Yes, it does have some crude humor in it. But I have commented often that someone connected with that movie knew a great deal of theology. They wove it into a comedy movie and did it very well. One of my big HaHa! moments is when “God” is telling Bruce how many fingers Bruce is holding up (behind his back). If you’ve seen it, you know.

Keith Burnett | keithburnett.org